Flavour-forward sparkling water

Way more fun than water. Way less sugar than soda.

Balloon is for the afizzionados

  • Has 4-5g of real sugar

    No weird fake sweeteners here

  • Actually tastes like fruit

    Not naming names - IYKYK

  • Makes hydration fun

    'Cause water's kinda flat

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  • "My first sip literally made me go, wow.”

  • "The best sparkling water I've had."

  • "Super yummy! I loved the sweetness level."

FAQs 🎈

Where do you ship?

Right now, only Canada. If you absolutely MUST have Balloon and you live in the states, you can plead your case by dropping us a line.

How much sugar in Balloon?

Just enough to make things interesting!

Mango and green apple have 4g; fruit punch has 5g.

It changes the game, promise.

Are you available in stores?

Balloon sparkling water is currently available in ONE single store - Super Queen's Market in downtown Toronto.

You can either go there, or start bugging your fave spots to stock us ;).

Why is shipping so expensive?

Blame Canada.

When will I get my order?

I try to ship orders out 1-2 times a week, but sometimes it takes longer 'cause I am but one single human operating the good ship Balloon.

Hopefully you are not experiencing a sparkling water emergency.

Can I return my order if I don't like it?

Unfortunately, the high cost of shipping both ways across Canada could easily bankrupt the business if we allowed this.

But if there's anything wrong with what you get (incorrect items, punctured or exploded cans, halfway filled, etc), please fill out the contact form and we'll get you sorted out.

  • The mission

    Create great-tasting fizzes that you can't find elsewhere

  • The drive

    Making life just a little more fun, one can at a time

  • The guarantee

    All-natural flavours with low sugar and nothing else