About Balloon

It all started when...

I moved from Boston to Toronto in 2018, and realized I couldn't find a lot of the seltzer flavors and brands I loved in the States.

I wound up begging friends to bring me fizz when they visited, or paying to check my suitcase and lugging 60 pounds of cans back with me.

Not a super sustainable approach for my back (or my wallet).

Then I became pregnant, and hyper aware of how few options there are for non-drinkers at networking events, bars and parties.

Aside from booze, you have the stuff that mixes with booze, which is super sugary (soda, juice), or just plain water (snooze).

I wanted something bubbly, that didn't come with a sugar crash, that didn't taste like fake sugar either. 

And then, I began noticing that a lot of new seltzers were adding extra stuff to make them "functional" - adaptogens, nootropics, prebiotics, ashwagandha. 

I'm all for trying new things, but there's something to be said for the simplicity of bubbles + natual flavour, where you can crush a bunch of fizz in a day without it altering your mind or body chemistry, and you can share some with your kid, no problem. 

So I set out to create an all-natural seltzer that I'd be excited to share with friends and family, and drink at events, featuring fruit flavours that I couldn't find at the store.

Building Balloon from scratch has truly been a journey and a labour of love - I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

                                                       - Juliana Casale

Founder/CEO/marketer/operations/social media  😅