What is a pre-order?

Rather than producing a big batch of seltzer and hoping I can sell it, I will wait for you to place an order and then produce it on-demand.

How long do I have to place my pre-order?

Pre-orders are open until October 13. Chop chop!

Will you ship to the US?

Yes! I'll be shipping the first-ever batch of Balloon to the US and Canada, so fear not, over-the-border dwellers.

Why are the bundles so expensive?? Will your seltzer be $10 per can?!

You're not just buying the seltzer, you're helping me launch it (which means covering a tiny bit of the very large cost of research and development, ingredients, can printing, co-packing, mailing materials and shipping).

I totally understand if it's not in your budget. Please share the link to the pre-order with another fizz fan and know that I love you.

When will I get my order?

Ahh, the million-dollar question.

I *should* be able to get everyone their seltzer by American Thanksgiving (ie, Nov 23) - but I've never done this before and I could be grossly underestimating the time it takes to order the ingredients, printed cans, swag and packaging, and ship them.

Rest assured I will keep you updated on my progress - this will be a learning experience for both of us!

Can I cancel my order if I don't get it by Nov 23rd?

Yes, please drop us a line at hey@balloonwater.com and we'll work with you to get your money back.

Can I return my order if I don't like it?

Unfortunately, the high cost of shipping both ways across Canada and the US would sink me so I can't accept returns.

But if there's anything wrong with the seltzer (punctured or exploded cans, halfway filled, etc), please drop me an email with a picture or fill out the contact form and I will send a replacement!

Can I order more than one seltzer + swag bundle?

Yes, please, and thank you!

When can I find this in stores?

Ooh. LOVE your enthusiasm.

If y'all like the first batch, my plan is to sell the seltzer on this website, in a couple small shops in my neighborhood (Corso Italia in Toronto) and local farmers markets early next year.

Once I have positive feedback from people who aren't related to me that I'm on the right track with the flavors and branding, I'll produce the next batch and expand my reach to Amazon and a few retail spots.

To reward you for reading this far, please enjoy watching my best friend since the fifth grade have fun with a balloon.